January 15, 2016


ISOTEST® Holiday Detectors

The non-destructive holiday detection of coatings with high voltage allows the detection of even smallest pinholes. Equipped with cutting-edge high voltage technology the ELMED ISOTEST® holiday detector is an indispensible assistant in passive corrosion protection. Efficient and reliable porosity testing with minimal material stress of the coating – this is the result of decades of experience as well as intensive and ongoing customer dialogue.

The list of possible applications of the ISOTEST® holiday detector is long: coated or enamelled tanks or reactors, rubber linings, films/foils, thermoplastic coatings, plastic welding joints, external pipe coatings, testing of internal pipe linings, valves, machine parts, corrugated hoses and machine parts, inspection of inliners, leak detection of battery trays, roof inspection, holiday detection on busbars, etc.
Wherever there is a combination of conductive and non-conductive layer coatings, cracks and defects can be reliably detected.

ISOTEST® holiday detector cover various norms and standards – amongst others DIN EN 10288, DIN EN 10289, DIN EN 10290, DIN EN 10300, DIN EN 10310, DIN EN 10329, DIN 4681, DIN EN 14330, DIN EN 14879, DIN EN 15159-1, DIN 55670, DIN 30670, DIN 30672, DIN 30677-2, DIN 30678, DVGW G 462/I, W 400-2, GW 14, GW 15.

Our delivery programme includes portable holiday detectors as well as in-plant inspection systems for pipe mills, film/foil production and  a wide range of further industrial applications.

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