Continuity and Insulation Testing
Live circuit warning LED:
Immediate illumination of a warning lamp if the circuit under test is live
Auto Discharge:
Allows fast and safe discharge of electrical energy stored in capacitive circuits following testing
Integral overload protection on internal continuity and insulation test circuitry
500V DC test voltage for insulation tests
200mA short circuit current on continuity ranges
Loop and RCD Testing
Wiring connection check LED’s:
Immediate indication if wiring of circuit under test is correct
Overheat Protection:
Rapid detection of overheating of internal circuitry,display of warning signal to user and automatic halting of measurement
Supply Voltage Indication:
Can display supply voltage value in loop impedance mode
Low Current Loop Impedance Test:
Short duration low test current will prevent tripping of many passive RCDs
Auto Data Hold:
Retains displayed reading for set period following test
Phase Angle Selection:
Selection of test current from +ve or -ve half cycle of waveform can prevent tripping of polarized type RCDs


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