8252 2psi Manometer

[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]HIGH RESOLUTION 0.001 bar MEASUREMENTt[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]5 POPULAR PRESSURE UNITS FOR SELETION[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]MEASURE GAUGE / DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]HOLD, MAX / MIN, RECORD FEATURES[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]OVER-RANGE INDICATION WITH ERROR[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]MESSAGE SHOWS ON SCREEN[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”]RS232RS232 INTERFACE[/li]

[notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]For further technical information, please contact our sales representative[/notification]



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