GA1000CAL series

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

• 1GSa/s Sampling Rate
• 2 Channels
• 7” Widescreen LCD Color Display
• USB Host/Device: Support USB Printer and USB Flash Drive
• Digital scope Software


• Industrial power design, troubleshooting, installation and maintenance
• The oscilloscope has a totally new ultrathin appearance design, and is small in size and more portable.
• A 7-inch widescreen color TFT LCD displays clear, crisp and more stable waveform display. 25% more viewing area with the menu switched off.
• Storage/ Memory depth: single channel: 40Kpts; double channels: 20Kpts.
• Various trigger functions: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternation.
• Unique digital filtering and waveform recording functions.
• Pass/Fail function.
• 32 kinds of automatic measurement and manual cursor tracking measurement functions.
• Two groups of reference waveforms, 16 groups of common waveforms, 20 groups of internal storage/output; support waveform setting,
• external storage and output of CSV and bitmap file by USB flash disc (CSV and bitmaps cannot be output from USB flash disc).
• Adjustable waveform brightness and screen grid brightness.
• The pop-up menu display mode realizes more flexible and more natural for users’ operations.
• Various kinds of language interface display, Chinese and English.
• On-line help system.
• Shortcut key to PRINT, support print screen.
• Standard configuration interfaces: USB Host, USB Device, RS-232.
• USB Host: support storage of USB flash disc and upgrading of USB flash disc system software.
• USB Device: support PC connection for remote communication.

• Industrial Power Design, Troubleshooting, Installation, and Maintenance.
• Electronics Design, Troubleshooting, Installation, and Maintenance
• Circuit Design & Debug
• Educational Lab & Training Institutions
• Repair & Service
• Production Test & Quality Inspection


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