Benefits at a glance

  • high and constant brightness
  • pin sharp images
  • easy to operate via touch panel
  • internal and external triggering, mains synchronous triggering
  • TTL-output
  • slow-motion function
  • electronic positioning (phase shifting)
  • dimmer function
  • serial interface (USB)



By means of extremely short flash impulses the HELIO-STROB master allows the observation of very rapid processes with the naked eye. It provides pin sharp images of the apparently stationary object: the “stroboscopic effect”. All functional adjustments can comfortably be set via the touch panel and the twist knob. When analysing fast processes such as rotation or vibration the standard features “slow motion” and “position” (phase shifting) put even the smallest detail into perspective. The finely graduated dimmer function allows an adjustment of the light intensity and thus enables fatigue-free observation to the smallest detail. The flash frequency can either be controlled by the accurate internal trigger, by an external trigger or even by mains synchronous triggering. Thanks to the integrated prescaler external impulses are processed up to a frequency of 8000 Hz*. Proximity switches and optical sensors can directly be connected to the stroboscope. Other promising new features allow the adaptation to individual gear ratios – even those of variable transformation ratios. The serial interface allows a direct communication to the PC – thus all parameters can be remotely controlled and exported. Using the “hotkey” function the new software “SpeedDoC” transmits the current measuring value to the corresponding cursor position in your test report.

*with integrated frequency scaler



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