SPD3303D / SPD3303S Series Programmable DC Power Supply (DISCONTINUED)

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High-resolution output

The SPD3303D/S exhibits high resolution (1mv / 1ma on the SPD3303S), providing the user with excellent settability and read back accuracy. In addition, it has the ability to output a very small change in voltage or current, while maintaining the power requirements of the load.

Wide range of output and multiple output modes

The Series-parallel functions combine two power supplies into one and make it very convenient for many applications. The SDP3300 three independent outputs which can be controlled separately and can also be turned on or off at the same time.

Series output mode Parallel output mode

Front Panel timing output functions

Five output timing profiles are settable via the SDP3300’s front panel. Each profile is independent of the others and allows settable voltage and current values. The timer function allows for continuous output with profiles as long as 10,000 seconds / profile. In addition to easy front panel control, the SPD3300 power supplies comes with EASYPOWER PC software.

Panel timing output Real time wave display

Real-time waveform display

The SPD3000D/S is a programmable linear DC power supply and is equipped with a 4.3″, 16M color TFT LCD screen. It can display voltage and current with 480 × 272 resolution.

Save / Recall interface

The SPD3000D/S programmable linear DC power supply provides five groups of local storage system parameters, and has support for external memory expansion. With this feature the local or external memory can be stored and recalled, making it easy to return to your desired settings.


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