UV VIS Spectrophotometer AE-S90 Series

Key Features:

* Double beam spectrophotometer with highly stable optics.
* Extremely versatile with full functionality from 190 to 1100nm.
* Variable spectral bandwidth 0.5, 1, 2, 4,5nm.
* 2 or 8 cell holder available.
* 6 inches LCD display & integrated user interface.
* USB port for data storage.
* ISO/CE Certificate passed.
* A & E Lab PC software included as standard.
* Extensive range of accessories available.



AE-S90 Series are wide screen double beam spectrophotometer. Its integrated design assures long term stability and durability. The highly stable optics and two detectors measure the sample and reference simultaneously optimizing measurement accuracy. It has measurement modes for photometrics, concentration, multi-wavelength, spectrum scanning, kinetics, quantitation, DNA and protein analysis. The PC software is supplied as standard and offers additional functionality with preloaded methods for DNA and protein analysis, as well as extensive post-measurement tools, unlimited results saving and easy export of data. The precisely aligned detector and quality deuterium and halogen lamps enhance the precision across the uv/vis spectrum starting from 190nm and into the near-infrared 1100nm. It is ideal for quality control, general research, pharmaceutical, biochemical and clinical laboratory applications.

Ordering Information:


Order Code                                                                            Description
AE-S90-MD        Large screen, double beam, 2 single cell holder, Bandwith: 0.5/1.0/2.0/4.0/5.0nm,
with PC software.
AE-S90-1D         Large screen, double beam, 2 single cell holder, Bandwith: 1nm, with PC software.
AE-S90-2D         Large screen, double beam, 2 single cell holder, Bandwith: 1.8nm, with PC software.

Technical Specifications:

                           Wavelength                                                                Photometric

Wavelength Range                    190-1100nm           Accuracy                                   ±0.3%T
Wavelength Accuracy               ±0.3nm                    Photometric Repeatability     0.2%T
Wavelength                                0.2n                          Photometric Display Range   -0.3-3A,0-200%T,0-9999C Repeatability
Bandwith                   1nm/1.8nm/0.5,1,2,4,5nm    Stability                                     ± 0.001A/h @ 500nm
Others                                         Baseline Flatness                           ±0.001A
Data Output Port                      USB                           Noise                                           ±0.001A
Printer Port                                Parallel Port            Stray Light                                  ≤0.05%T @220nm, 360nm
Optical System                                                          Double Beam (1200 lines/mm grating)
Display                                                           LCD (320×240 Dots )
Lamps                                                            Deuterium & Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Detector                                                         Silicon Photodiode
Software                                                        UV PC Software
Power Supply                                                 AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz.
Packing Size & Weight                                   860x660x465mm & 35kg



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