AT89XX Probe Serial

Analog Spectrum Analyzer

– Our probe set is especially suitable for:
– Pinpointing interference sources
– Estimation of interference field strength
– Verification of shielding and filtering measures
– Detecting circuitry overly sensitive to interference


AT8901-8904 serial probes are ideal toolkit for testing the RF Circuits. It is an indispensable tool to test EMI, perform in-circuit measurements (printed circuit patterns, the input/output impedance of circuits, etc.) with better accuracy and wider impedance coverage.
Our probe set allows for straightforward pinpointing and measurement of interference sources in electronic component groups as well as execution and monitoring of generic EMC measurement.
Our set includes a total of 4 kinds of probes, which are AT8901: High Impedance probe, AT8902 – AT8904: near-field probe with frequency span ranging from 100 KHz to 3GHz. This serial probes match with the 50ohm input impedance of spectrum analyzer or RF receiver and they can find and locate electromagnetic interference. At the same time, it can also judge if the electric circuit matches with the prototype electromagnetic which helps the users to analyze and valuate radiated fields and shield performance comparison. It helps the user to carry out mechanical shielding performance and compatibility test on circuit cables and components, for example, additionally adopting low-noise amplifier when the sensitivity is not high enough.

AT8901 High-impedance probe
AT8901 can test radio frequency interference on the PCB’s and conductors simply by exposing the probe to the surface of the board. It can also test every electric level of the electric circuit and conduct increase rate comparison or trouble test.
With extremely high impedance (resistance to contacting with air and insulation resistance of PTFE plastic sheet), AT8901 probe can contact directly with the circuit but with no significant impact to it.
AT8902 can test the magnetic fields within 10cm and has the highest sensitivity among AT8902,AT8903 and AT8904 probes with resolution of about 25mm.
AT8903 near-field Probe
AT8903 can detect the magnetic field within 3cm to 5cm and compared with AT8902, it can detect lower frequency and more small-scale magnetic field.
AT8904 near-field Probe
AT8904 is ideal while doing the conducting test on high frequency magnetic field. Moving the probe can detect the direction and intensity of the magnetic field.
AT8904 is suitable for IC pin region, filter capacitor and fielding box joint test.


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