GA40XX Ssries

Digital Spectrum Analyzer

• Professional Performance
• Robust Measurement features
• High frequency stability
• Easy- to-use User Interface
• Compact size, Light weight, Portable design



GA4062/GA4032: 9kHz ~1.5GHz
GA4033/GA4063: 9kHz ~3GHz
GA4064: 9kHz ~7.5GHz

• Frequency range 9 KHz to 1.5GHz / 3 GHz / 7.5GHz
• Displayed average noise level (DANL) <-148 dbm
• Phase Noise  -90 dBc/Hz, -95 dBc/Hz, -100 dBc/Hz (Offset 10 kHz)
• Full amplitude accuracy of <1.0 db
• Minimum resolution bandwidth (RBW) 1 Hz
• Standard preamplifier
• 1.5GHz/3GHz/7.5GHz Tracking Generator(Optional)
• Measurement capabilities and a variety of automatic settings
• 8.5-inch (800×480) widescreen display
• The interface is simple and rich in affinity, operation and user-friendly design
• Compact portable design, weighing less than 7 kg

• Measure communications transmitter spurious radiation
• Locate sources of EMI
• Measure unwanted RF radiation
• Educational Training Institutions


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