AT5000 Series

Analog Spectrum Analyzer

• 150kHz to 1.05GHz (1050MHz)
• Dynamic Range 80dB (113dB with attenuation)
• AM & FM demodulator included
• 20 and 400 kHz resolution bandwidth
• 150kHz/hour stability
• Built-in tracking generator (Model AT5011)


AT5010 /AT 5011 is the perfect instrument for analyzing any kind of signal within the frequency range of 0.15 to 1050 MHz, and is best suited for meeting the RF measurement needs of education and industry. Also a great tool for professionals in the cable TV industry as well as in the telecommunication. It is a value packed service tool for signals up to 1.05GHz. Both models are suitable for pre-compliance testing during development prior to third party testing.

An optional near-field sniffer probe set can be used to locate cable and PC board emission “hot spots” and evaluate EMC problems at the breadboard and prototype level. The spectrum analyzer/ sniffer probe combination is an excellent solution for RF leakage/ radiation investigation, CATV/MATV system troubleshooting, cellular telephone/pocket pager test and EMI diagnostics.

AT5010 – 1GHz Standard model
AT5011 – 1GHz with Tracking Generator

• Test cable TV levels and frequency response
• Educational Training Institutions
• Test master antenna TV systems
• Measure communications transmitter spurious radiation
• Locate sources of EMI
• Measure unwanted RF radiation


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