AT6000 series

Analog Spectrum Analyzer

• Compact  and Easy to be carry
• Frequency range : 0.15~1050MHz
• 16-bit half numerical display (center frequency, 0.01MHz resolvability)
• -100~+13dbm amplitude range, 20KHz, 400KHz
• Intermediate frequency and 4 KHz video filter.
• Phase Locked loop technique
• Excellent Noise floor performance
• Tracking signal generator.


AT6000 Series spectrum analyzer have exceed 1GHZ frequency (0.15 ~1050MHz) 50MHz step frequency and fine adjust to the center frequency; compose the convenient frequency-domain test. AT6011 have the tracking signal generator. This model  is the same with pre-research test. It uses VCO phase locked technique. It has rugged casing and it has easy to control operating panel.
The Spectrum Analyzer can carry out good inspection of the faults of cable system and wireless system including remote control, cordless phones, cable TV and communication equipments, as well as good comparison and analysis of frequency of signals

• Educational Training Institutions
• Test cable TV levels and frequency response
• Locate sources of EMI
• Measure unwanted RF radiation
• Test master antenna TV systems
• Measure communications transmitter spurious radiation


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