HELIO-STROB compact 125

Benefits at a glance

  • high and constant brightness
  • pin sharp images
  • easy to operate via touch panel
  • internal and external triggering
  • TTL-output
  • slow-motion function
  • electronic positioning (phase shifting)
  • serial interface (USB)



HELIO-STROB compact 125, the mobile power pack for industrial use. Extremely short flash impulses with constant brightness enable vision of “freeze images” as well as a slowed-down observation mode of fast processes, when a precise perception by the human eye is no longer possible. Even the smallest parts are displayed pin sharp, without any motion blur. Thanks to the intuitive handling via touch panel and an “intelligent” one-button operation you easily get accurate and reliable results.

The HELIO-STROB compact 125 can be effectively used in the field of quality control, vibration analysis and speed measurement as well as for the setting up of your machines. The requested observation point in the course of a movement (the so-called phase-shift) can easily be set with one single “twist”. The flash frequency can either be controlled by the accurate internal trigger or by an external trigger. Proximity switches and optical sensors can be connected directly to the signal input of the stroboscope. Additional devices can be synchronously triggered by the TTL-output.



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